About Neha

My love affair with fashion (and South Asian fashion in particular) started when I was about five years old. My oldest memory is watching my mum getting ready in a stunning sky blue chiffon saree, and ever since then I've loved South Asian fashion- and the colour blue!

I find inspiration in colours, fabrics, embroideries and drapes which led me to create this space where I could share my love for fashion.

After Canada, I moved to London where I lived and worked for 4.5 years, and am now living in Dubai. I love to travel, explore, and dress up as much as possible!

I hope my blog reaches those of you who love fashion just as much as I do!

Thanks for reading :)


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  1. Hi Neha! This is a very cute blog :-) I'm starting up my own Indian inspired T-shirt line. Love our indian culture !