Friday, April 13, 2018

Chiangmai, Thailand

Out of the 3 locations we went to in Thailand, Chiangmai was my favourite.

A beautiful city with the feel of a town, it was clean, not as busy as Bangkok with great restaurants and food.

We spent 2 great days in Chiangmai. The day of our arrival, we needed some chill time so stayed in at our hotel - the Shangri-La.

We relaxed by the pool and found a nice spa across the road from the hotel - the Plearn Spa. Decorated beautifully, we had leg and foot massages, head massages and even full body massages. I recommend their leg and foot massage - it was amazing and at great prices too (only $11 USD for a 1 hour foot and leg massage).

That evening we stayed in the hotel and had dinner at China Kitchen.

The next morning we were ready at 6am for the Elephant Sanctuary. I can't say enough good things about this place.

If you follow me on my new travel Instagram account (@ScarletBindiTravels) you'll have seen my post about this camp.

There are quite a few different elephant camps, we went to Camp 9.

At the Elephant Sanctuary, Camp 9, there were around 7-8 different elephants including a baby elephant, teenage elephant, pregnant mother, adults and grandmother! It was such a heart warming and grateful experience.

We started off by feeding the elephants bananas so that they could get to know us and be comfortable around us. The cutest sight was seeing the baby elephant (named Nana) come running full force towards us when she saw the bananas- which are like candy to elephants! It was so sweet!

After spending a bit of time doing this, we took them down to a little lake where we bathed them. As they rolled around in the water, some of the visitors also went in and poured water from buckets on them.

After this, they were taken to the mud bath area where mud and dirt was put on the elephants. We learned that this is to keep their skin safe from the sun.

We were then served lunch after which we were taken back to the Shangri-La. The whole experience lasted around 4-5 hours.

We spent the rest of the day back at the hotel relaxing until dinner.

Dinner was at a British Secret Service style restaurant. The Service 1921 is located in the Anantara Resort and is a Thai restaurant decorated like a colonial house. The restaurant features a wine cellar, whiskey tasting room, and cuban cigars. There are also private rooms hidden behind walls that can be reserved for large parties. Not only was the decor amazing but the food and drinks were delicious.

After dinner we walked to the night market. Different from the market we visited in Bangkok (in a good way), this market was clean, brightly lit, there were bars with live bands, and beautiful crafts and clothing stalls. This market seemed much more family friendly and was a safer environment.

This was our final night in Chiangmai, and with an early flight the next morning to Phuket we were in bed by 10pm.

I highly recommend visiting Chiangmai if you get a chance.

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