Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

Our first trip for 2018 was to beautiful Thailand!

We had been planning to travel around East Asia since last year. When we received a destination wedding invitation to Thailand, we were able to combine it with our holiday. Along with this, our good friends from the USA were also planning to attend the wedding and were able to come on a 10 day holiday with us.

We started the trip in Bangkok. We took the red eye from Dubai and arrived in Bangkok at 11am and made our way to the Banyan Tree Spa Hotel where we spent 3 nights.

One of my favourite hotel chains, The Banyan Tree Spa Hotel features spacious rooms, a gorgeous rooftop bar overlooking the city, and an award winning spa.

During our first day in Bangkok we spent the afternoon catching up with our friends and then went out in the evening. The evening began by watching the sunset from the Moon Bar on the rooftop and 61st floor of the hotel. This bar has also appeared a number of times in the top 10 rooftop bars of the world list.

We then went to dinner at Nahm, a contemporary Thai restaurant. After which we headed to Maggie Choo, an underground style jazz club with models perched around the bar. The walls open up to become caverns that can be rented out. This bar is a must to check out when visiting Bangkok.

After a few drinks at Maggie Choo, we were in the mood to dance so we headed to a Hip Hop and RnB club called CE LA VI. We got there early so had the dance floor to ourselves (just how we like it!). We were there for about 2 hours before it started getting busy at which point we went back to the hotel and called it a night.

The next afternoon was when we planned to check out the Grand Palace and temples. We got to the Grand Palace around 12pm and it was extremely busy. A few of our friends had worn shorts or tank tops and weren't allowed in (strict dress code - legs covered to ankles and shoulders covered), so we decided to do other sight seeing instead and visit the Palace early the next morning, at a time that it wouldn't be as busy.

We then walked down the road to a cute market. As we approached the market we saw the streets clearing for the King who drove past us in his car - it's always interesting to see this and the entourage around it!

We made our way through the market and saw that we could take a boat tour around the water roads of Bangkok - and we loved this idea! This also was a good way to get out of the humidity and heat of Bangkok and be in a covered boat.

The boat tour was about 2 hours long and I highly recommend it. We saw both sides of the coin in terms of living - from gorgeous houses to simple housing. We saw beautiful temples, organic gardens growing out of the water, and large monitor lizards!

After the tour we went back to the hotel, rested, and got ready for dinner at Nami Teppanyaki Steakhouse.

There were 10 of us at this point, so we got a private room where we had 2 chefs cook for us. The food and drinks here were delicious. After this we went to Sway- a cool boutique bar in a trendy part of Bangkok. After a few hours we went back to the hotel to get up early for our visit to the Grand Palace and temples the next morning.

The Grand Palace was stunning. Made in 1782, this architectural masterpiece is made of gold and marble. The Grand Palace has beautiful colours, walls covered with mirrors, and has been converted into a museum. This is also where the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is housed.

After this, we visited the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. This beautiful temple is a 10 minute walk from the Grand Palace and one of the largest Buddhas at 46 meters long.

As this was our last day in Bangkok, we also wanted to visit the markets. We went to Chatuchak market, a massive 35 acre market that you could get lost in (which we did!). From jewellery to bags, clothing, fragrances, soaps - you name it they most likely would have it there! We spent a few hours here and made our way back to the hotel where we had massages booked at the Banyan Tree Spa Hotel - which I highly recommend to relax!

That evening we went to Sky Bar at Lebua, the highest rooftop bar in the world (also featured in Hangover 2) overlooking Bangkok. We watched the city lights come on as the sun set over the city, it was beautiful.

We then went to dinner at Punjab Grill - an Indian restaurant serving delicious North Indian food. The service here was amazing, the drinks were good and the food was amazing. They also had a live singer singing old Hindi songs.

After this we thought we would check out Patpong - the red light district in Bangkok. Personally, I was not a fan of this area. As soon as we arrived,  we were approached by a lady from one of the Ping Pong bars who followed us around the entire time, telling us to visit her bar. Even after we told her no, she would not leave. It wasn't until we were in a tuktuk going back to the hotel that she finally left. Patpong was grimy and I would not visit it again.

The next morning we headed to the airport to fly out to Chiang Mai. I'll be sharing the trip details including a visit to the Elephant Sanctuary and a British Secret Service themed restaurant in my next post.

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  1. Great photos. Thailand trip is in wish list for long time. Your pictures motivating me to visit Thailand soon.

    I love Thailand people and their hospitality. Please keep writing more about your Thailand trip. I am going to take all the suggestions from you.

    Have fun at Thailand.