Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dinner at Ruya Dubai

Food. Wine. Company.

Add to that great ambience and it makes for the perfect evening.

We recently went to Ruya Dubai for dinner after seeing that it had won Best Middle Eastern Restaurant at the What's On Awards, Dubai.

Located on the marina at the Grosvenor House hotel, Ruya opened about 1.5 year ago but we had never seen it - even though we live close by, since it's a bit hidden behind the hotel.

The restaurant is set up with Middle Eastern style contemporary decor. It features an open kitchen concept and a beautiful bar on the terrace.

Another feature I absolutely loved was the large bread oven. This is the first feature you see as you walk into the restaurant with chefs making fresh Turkish bread - giving the restaurant an authentic touch.

I especially loved the bar. It was beautifully set up - half indoor and half outdoor on the terrace. Pretty Arabic lanterns hang from the ceiling with trees and plants placed throughout the restaurant. From the terrace you also got a beautiful view of the marina.

Now for the food, it was delicious! We started with the Levrek (seabass sashimi) and Acili Kanat (chicken wings), for mains we ordered the Marinated Baby Chicken and the Whole Grilled Seabream, with mushrooms and mixed leaf salad on the side. The food was fresh and full of flavour - just how we like it!

Lastly, the restaurant service was exceptional. From the friendly bartenders to the manager who came over and helped us choose our dishes, to our sweet and quirky waitress, they really went out of their way to give each customer special attention. Service is key in Dubai especially since there are new and trendy places opening daily. If a restaurant is able to provide great food, ambiance and service - you've got a winner (which is also probably why they won Middle Eastern Restaurant of the Year)!

Photo Credits: Sahil Oberoi

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