Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Fitness Journey: Week 3

Well, it was a slow week.

Seriously, I went to the gym three times.

We had family visiting and I would much rather sit and chat with them than go to the gym. Wouldn't you?

It started off well, but then slowed right down. I tried to eat healthy, but the few glasses of wine here and there don't help do they?!

What I am starting to do now is focus on different parts of my body on different days. This works much better and I feel like I've had a great work out after. I'm also starting to see a little bit of muscle (slowly, slowly - yay!).

Here's what I did during week 3 of my fitness journey:

Day 1: Upper Body Bike + Weights (focus on arms and abs)
Day 2: Treadmill + Weights (focus on lower body)
Day 3: Rest day
Day 4: Treadmill  + Weights (focus on arms and abs)
Day 5: Didn't go to gym
Day 6: Mat exercises at home
Day 7: Didn't go to gym

Feeling disappointed in myself for not going to the gym as much as I wanted to, not going to lie. But this next week will be better.

I will make sure it's better.

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