Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Fitness Journey: Week 2

Week 2 started off slow. I woke up having not slept well and was NOT in the mood to go to the gym. Instead I got some work done, and in the afternoon I walked down to the beach- which ended up being 2 hours of me walking around enjoying the water, sand and sun - so I guess it worked out in the end.

Day 2 arrived, and I was back at it. There's definitely something in that amazing feeling you get after a good work out, do you know what I mean?

I feel energetic and ready to take on the world.

Below I've listed out what I did during my second week at the gym.

Day 1: Rest (Beach) Day
Day 2: Treadmill + Weights
Day 3: Hangover Rest Day
Day 4: Rowing Machine + Weights
Day 5: Weights
Day 6: Rest Day
Day 7: Upright Bike + Weights

It was more difficult this week to get motivated (as you can see with my 3 rest days) but I really tried to pushed myself and I'm happy I did. Atleast I was able to get 4 gym days in!

On to week 3!

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