Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Travel Diaries: Dubai Miracle Garden

I love being a tourist, even if it's in the city where I live!

I have been wanting to visit the Dubai Miracle Garden from since before I moved to Dubai (I can't believe I've been here for 9 months already!).

The weather was unbearably hot when we moved here and for a few months after, and then we got busy with traveling out of the country and guests visiting, so just could not find the time to visit.

I finally had a chance to go to the garden when my parents visited recently. My mom loves flowers so it was the perfect day out for her birthday.

It definitely lives up to being the largest natural flower garden in the world. We're talking millions of flowers and a completely instagram-worthy place to visit.

We spent about 2 hours here, took a ton of pictures, had a nice fruit smoothie, and came home. It's a gorgeous place to visit, but be prepared for the heat! You'll want to take a nap afterwards.

There's also a Butterfly Garden just outside the Miracle Garden which we didn't go to- but that's on my list of places to visit in Dubai!

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  1. I LOVED Dubai! We went there over the Christmas and New Year period as well. We had the best time ever! Highly recommended to visit.. The pictures are amazing… I loved Dubai Miracle Garden Pictures. We have not been there. We will definitely cover it in our next Trip