Friday, November 18, 2016

Travel Diaries: The Al Maha Resort & Spa, Dubai

My husband and I recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary (woohoo, we made it 5 years!). In celebration, the hubby booked a surprise stay at the gorgeous Al Maha Resort & Spa.

Placed in the middle of nowhere, the resort is ultimate relaxation. We were surrounded by miles of desert all around us, and were even able to do some animal watching.

The rooms were colonial style stand-alone tented suites, each with their own pool and a gorgeous view of the desert. The decor in the room was to die for - I tried to take pictures and burn ever element in to my memory for our 1-day dream home.

How happy were we to see gazelles and oryx from our room! A bit of history for you, oryx actually went extinct years back, and then in the 2000s, 60 oryx were brought in from Texas. This has now grown to over 600 oryx that live in the desert. 

The hotel also has activities that guests can do including camel riding, horseback riding, dune bashing and more. We took part in the camel ride out to the desert to watch the sunset, and what a gorgeous sunset it was! Sipping champagne while sitting on top of a sand dune and watching the sun go down felt surreal.

It was a beautiful resort and definitely romantic! There's something about being in the stillness of the desert that is just so perfect.

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