Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bright For Fall: A Beautiful Satya Paul Tunic

The weather is finally starting to get a bit cooler in Dubai so I'm able to get myself outside and take outfit pictures without sweating up a storm.

I really can't complain though, I have always loved hot weather and wished that I lived somewhere where it was summer all year long - and now here I am!

Indian fashion can be difficult to wear in the hot weather, but I've found that a tunic is the easiest item of clothing to wear here - especially in a lighter cotton fabric. It's comfortable, light and long (I love a long top!). The long tunic I'm wearing in this post is a silk tunic from Satya Paul. I find that this is perfect for attending various South Asian events like a mehendi night, and it is so easy to wear compared to other Indian fashion items like a saree, lehenga or Punjabi suit.

As always I love to mix up South Asian fashion with Western trends, so I paired this tunic with white denim jeans and blue Balenciaga heels (which I also wore here) to keep the outfit bright. Jewellery is kept to a minimum with a few bangles and leaf earrings. I themed the outfit to the colours of blue and pink through my heels (light blue) and lipstick (pink) - which also (of course) match the outfit. These colours always look so pretty together and add just the right amount of drama to the outfit.

Satya Paul Tunic / Abercrombie & Fitch White Jeans / Balenciaga Heels / Bauble Bar Leaf Ear Crawlers / Alex & And Peacock Feather Bracelets

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