Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Instagram Update!

So far this year has been eventful! I've been in Dubai for almost 2 months now and I love it here! I think a lot of the love is because of the sunny weather and bigger homes (just a tad bit different from London :P). It's also been great just experiencing something new.

I did a bit of travelling at the beginning of the year to Austria and Budapest - which I've also posted about on the blog here and here.

I also partnered with fab new site The Silk Closet, and curated a collection of my favourite things on their website.

And then we moved to Dubai! We've been doing a lot of sightseeing - some of which I'm putting on the blog, and some of which is just on my Instagram!

You can follow me and my antics on instagram here or search for me @ScarletBindi


  1. U look so cool... Loved your fashion :)

    1. Hi Madhuri,

      Thanks so much and thanks for visiting my blog! xx