Thursday, April 28, 2016

Feeling Mint: A Silk Lehenga for Summer

The Silk Closet recently launched a fab new designer, Gina Brar. Being a very tactile person, all I could think when I saw Gina's designs was - oh my God, how amazing do those fabrics look! Made of luxurious silks in elegant colours, I was amazed by her stunning collection.

This lehenga in particular caught my eye because of the bright pop of colour against the grey. I haven't seen many lehengas like this as it's quite simple yet still dressy. The simplicity gives the outfit a modern edge - and makes it really stand out.

I added a long, thick black choker to the outfit - love the way chokers look! My shoes were just simple Punjabi jutis.

Gina Brar Lehenga / Punjabi Juti (Indian market buy) / Black Choker (my own)