Monday, February 1, 2016

Travel Diaries: Hallstatt, Austria

Imagine going on a train through the Alps mountain range of Austria and reaching a small train station beside a stunning lake. You walk down a small hill and take a boat across the lake to a beautiful snowed in village with a population of 946 people. This is Hallstatt, Austria.

This beauty of this town is inexplicable! With colourful houses built down a mountain side, this is one of the most romantic and beautiful places I have ever been. Mainly a summer location (due to its closeness to the lake), can you believe that only 3 restaurants were open (which were all great)!? You could literally walk from one end of the village to the other in 15 minutes!

We stayed at the lakeside Gruner Baum Boutique Hotel. The room was so cozy and we had a gorgeous balcony over looking the lake! I'm a water baby, so whenever I'm near (or in) water I feel extremely calm and relaxed. Also the fact that I grew up in a town that's by a lake and only a bit bigger than Hallstatt, helps with the fact that it felt quite homely in this Austrian village. Let me tell you, I haven't come back from a holiday feeling this calm in a very long time!

With the lake literally at your doorstep and tons of water sports, I can see why this village is busiest when it's warm out. With summer temperatures up to 35C, I'll need to make plans to visit this gorgeous town again!

Photo Credit: Sahil Oberoi


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  3. omg u made me wanna fly there immediately!!! super gorgeous place, so fairytale