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I recently started reading about Pink Himalayan Salt and its amazing health benefits. Firstly, I had never heard of this type of salt nor would I have ever thought that any salt could be beneficial to you. We're told to lower the intake of salt as it increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, stomach cancer and more! So obviously I would associate all salts to this. Right? Wrong! And boy, was I wrong!

Not only does Pink Himalayan Salt strengthen your bones, improve circulation, lower blood pressure and increase your hydration - it is amazing for your skin too! Below I've listed my top benefits for eating this heaven sent salt:

1. Replenishing
Naturally rich with over 84 minerals and elements, it's incredibly nourishing for your body. I try to drink a glass of water with a table spoon of Himalayan Salt and lemon before I go to bed twice a week. I've also started to use this salt rather than table salt in my food.

2. Boosts Energy
As I don't eat a lot of meat, the iron in my body is quite low. Due to this I always feel tired. I've taken iron supplements but am really not a fan. And I've tried to increase the amount of vegetables with iron in to my diet - but how much spinach can one girl eat! So I tried Himalayan Salt. I put just a bit under my tongue before I went to bed over a few days, and I can feel the energy increasing day by day.

3. Detoxifying
We all get to that point where we've eaten too much junk food or drank too much wine and are in need of a detox. For me, this is usually after the heavy month of December. An easy way to detox is by adding Himalayan Salt to a bath; it acts as a detoxifying agent by drawing out the toxins, deep cleansing the skin and helping to increase energy. It's literally an at home spa remedy.

4. Healthy Blood Sugar
Diabetes runs in my family. Both my parents and my grandmother have it, so at the back of my mind I've always felt that one day it would be passed down to me. Who knows what the future holds, all I can do is try my best to take preventative measures now. So along with going to the gym and eating healthy, I've researched that Himalayan Salt also promotes healthy blood sugar and fights diabetes. Out of the 84 minerals and elements that are found in this salt, 4 are key to maintaining balanced blood sugar levels:

Chromium: Turns carbohydrates into glucose and helps to regulate and produce insulin.
Vanadium: Has insulin like effects on glucose metabolism. Studies have found a decrease in insulin requirement by patients with both insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetes.
Manganese: Maintains glucose levels in a normal range.
Magnesium: Helps in digestion of sugar, starches and fats. Helps to stabilize blood sugar.

5. Aids in Digestion
This may be TMI, but my digestion isn't exactly normal. So if I can find something to regulate it - gimme! This salt actually works as a digestion aid helping food pass freely though the intestines.

6. Decreases Headaches
Due to my sleep patterns, wearing contacts almost daily due to bad eyesight, and sitting in front of a computer on a daily basis- I have over the past few months started getting headaches. These tend to last throughout the day and only go away once I've taken my contacts out and am not staring at any sort of screen. I haven't tried this yet, but I've read that if you mix the Himalayan Salt with water and massage it on to your head and neck, it helps.

These are just a few of the benefits that appealed directly to me.

The main differences between Pink Himalayan Salt and white table salt is that table salt is made with 97.5% sodium chloride, it is bleached and chemically produced. Whereas Himalayan Salt is completely natural with 84 minerals and elements, and has all of the benefits listed above!

If this hasn't convinced you to switch salts, I'm not sure what will!

My Pink Himalayar Salt was purchased at Costco, but it's available almost everywhere including Tesco and Sainsbury's.

Photo credit: Home Remedy Report
Information credit: EC Town USA

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