Thursday, July 23, 2015


Suki Waterhouse with a Grown Out Fringe
Wave hair and part in the middle

Alot of us tend to get the chop or do something drastic when the hot weather comes around. Me? I always think about it, lull over it, talk to everyone around me about it, and then go to the hair dressers to get something major done (like a bob or ombre)- but end up walking out with my same style (my hair is my security!).

So, I've started to look for hair styles that are a change to my usual style- but not too drastic, just enough that it looks different. Here are some of my inspirations (apologies in advance but this is targeted towards those with long hair!):

Lily Aldridge with Graduated Layers
Cut at chin, collarbone and chest giving your hair depth

Kendall Jenner with a Bardot Blowout
Curl with large barrel curling iron, back comb for a retro look
Credit: Allure

Rihanna with Mermaid Hair
Leave it long and put waves throughout
Credit: Marie Clare 

Penelope Cruz with a Chunky Side Fringe and Highlights
Add brown highlights and get a chunky side fringe cut in. Wave hair for a sexy feel.
Credit: Style Weekly

These are my top 5 for the summer going into autumn. I really like the Penelope Cruz and Lily Aldridge looks- so will probably be getting something similar at my next hair appointment. What are you top hairstyles? Is there hair that you're crushing on currently?

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