Wednesday, May 14, 2014

South Asian Inspiration: Chanel Cruise Dubai 2014

Did you happen to catch the Chanel Cruise Dubai 2014 show yet? With a huge amount of South Asian inspiration, it was a gorgeous show with salwar kameez inspired clothing and tikka inspired jewellery. I especially love the prints and the very Chanel known weaves used in the collection.

My favourite is the last image above. Oh, and check out the decor and seating! Love it!


  1. I just love all the inspiration. Islamic patterns and the classic tweed. I couldn't help but blog myself :D I need to do a blog on Scarlet Bindi sorry just been so busy. I think we need to create our own Chanel Dubai inspired outfit :)

    1. Definitely! The tweed is completely Chanel and he's worked it into a gorgeous Salwar Kameez!

      Would be great to see Scarlet Bindi on Sara K Blog, loving your posts :)

      -Neha xx