Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lakme Fashion Week Day 4: Amit Aggarwal, Nupur Kanoi & Payal Khandwala

Amit Aggarwal

Expectations were high... and he rose above them! Amit Aggarwal's models strutted down the run way in stunning pieces that were unlike any other.

Made with a modern touch, these items appear to be beautiful Western style gowns but have that traditional sari touch through the draping and the pallu. The saris are synched at just the right places- hugging the curves of the body. I can see his designs having a very strong celebrity following.

Nupur Kanoi

Bringing a relaxed feel to the runway, Nupur Kanoi created a laid back collection using low cut slim fit trousers, sheer fabrics, and maxi skirts. This is one of the first collections on the run way that screams out ready to wear and is perfectly made for Autumn / Winter.

Payal Khandwala

Payal Khandwala has created a great eclectic collection using rich silks, different styles of cuts, and various draping techniques. The collection is put together simply and effortlessly - love it!

Photo Credit: Vogue India

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Some quirky, fun and futuristic collections! Great modern touch to the pieces and would wear almost everything that's been posted today, would you?

-Neha xx

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