Saturday, August 10, 2013

Delhi Couture Fashion Week 2013, Day 3: Satya Paul & Varun Bahi

Two strong collections showed on Day 3 of Delhi Couture Fashion Week 2013: Satya Paul and Varun Bahi. Both collections stuck mainly with neutrals and pops of colour and were young and fresh.

Satya Paul

Created by Masaba, this collection is modern, trendy, artsy and gorgeous! Through the use of high necklines, stitched sari-look dresses, vertical lines and capes, Masaba has added a Western twist to the more traditional Satya Paul collection. She's injected a bit of sass into it!

Varun Bahi

Elegant and sexy, this collection is made with strong waistlines and tasteful embroidery. Love the use of light, sheer pastel coloured fabrics and the patterned embroidery.

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Absolutely lovely! Love Masaba's style and taste!

-Neha xx

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