Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013: Day 1 & 2

Day 1

Tarun Tahiliani - Tarun Tahiliani opened Lakme Fashion Week with a very classic collection. Using sombre colours he created Indian and Western wear that was elegant and beautiful. What stood out to me was the layering, wrapping and the length of the clothing. The anarkalis are starting to get shorter now!

Day 2

Asmita Marwa - A great summer collection with lots of layering and bright colours. I'm loving the accessories and styling in this show, they've given it a 70s bohemian vibe.

Manish Malhotra - The evolution of the sari by Manish Malhotra. As always, stunning catwalk show with lots of star power to back it up. He's done a great job with the pieces, every detail is taken into account when recalling a decade through the items. Can you guess which piece is from which decade?

Arpan Vohra - Great lines in this collection and the colours are quite nice too (though I'm not sure about pink and yellow together). I'm in love with the sari in the collection.

Shivan & Narresh - They've really honed in on their own style and look; you can always pick out a Shivan and Narresh piece from their use of colour blocking. Their swimwear is quite nice but their saris are to die for! Love how they design their pieces and how the colours are put together, stunning!

Masaba Gupta- Fun and quirky are the best words to describe Masaba's style. She has a great eye for design and I have to say that her saris are highly sought after in the Western world, superstar!

Rehane - Lots of net used in this collection along with a floral inspiration. I'm finding a bit of an oriental inspiration in a few pieces a well.

Amalraj Sengupta- Possibly one of my new favourite designers, I'm in love with this collection! The pieces in this collection are stunning - the light airy fabrics, the prints, the beautiful colours, the fabric cuts and the styling - everything! 

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