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Liz Earle Makeup Range: Asian and Black Skin Tone

I recently had the pleasure of attending an event for well-known skin care brand Liz Earle which extended it's make-up range to include shades that enhance the Asian and Black skin tone.

Being from North America I had not heard of Liz Earle before moving to the UK last year, and (I'll admit) I'm not the biggest expert when it comes to make-up; I wanted to attend to learn application processes as well as about the brand itself. And I'm glad I did!

We watched as international celebrity make-up artist Pauline Briscoe worked her magic on two models giving them day and night looks. Below are the looks and the products listed beneath that were used on the models as well as some great tips that I picked up!

Day Look

Eyeshadow: Nude (over eyelid) & Birch (on outer corners in a v-shape)
Eyeliner: Dark Brown (used under the lower lashes only)
Mascara: Brown (lash intensifying and smudge proof, but not waterproof)
Eyebrow Pencil: Fair (water resistant)
Blush: Rose Powder Blush
Lips: Blossom (moisturising)

*Tips: When dark brown eyeliner is used under the lower lashes it gives a much softer look than black eyeliner.
The Rose Powder Blush looks good on all skin tones- gives a great fresh look.
When blush is just on apples of cheeks it gives a youthful look.
Blossom lipgloss gives a nude lip look and looks great on all skin tones. It blends best with a brush.

Evening Look

Pauline made the evening look super easy keeping in mind that many of us don't have time for a full makeup routine especially when going out after work. 

Eyeshadow: Dark Brown (on outer corners of eyes in a v-shape; gives a smokey eye look)
Eyeliner: Dark (in bottom of rim of eyes)
Mascara: Brown
Blush: Peony 

*Tips: For a sophisticated look, take the blush up to the temples of your face.
To blend makeup well together, go over your face with a little bit of foundation using a foundation brush, staying away from cheekbones.
Finish the look with powder.

 Day Look

Foundation: Mocha and Nutmeg (mixed 2 shades and blended with brush)
Powder: Mocha
Eyeshadow: Bronze
Concealer: Dark
Eyeliner: Dark Brown (underneath the lower lashes only)
Mascara: Black
Eyebrow Pencil: Dark
Blush: Peony 
Lip Pencil: Juniper (water resistant)
Lipgloss: Spice

*Tips: Use cream blushes as eyeshadow and lipstick (for lipstick put overtop of vaseline on your lips).
Always start with a moisturiser.
Use the lip liner along lip line and blend inward to make lips look smaller.
To make lips appear bigger, use nude tones. 

The goody bag I got from the event had some great products that I've already used! (I got a bit creative with these pictures - why not have fun!?)

Bronze Eyeshadow

Acorn Eyeshadow

Peony Cream Blush

The Peony Cream Blush looks very red at first, but when blended in it gives that perfect pinched look.

First swipe of the blush on to cheeks.

In the below picture I've blended the blush up to my temples, it's very subtle and gives that fresh pinched look.

I am in love with the Liz Earle Cherry Lip Gloss. It has a tinge of red in it and goes on very smooth. It also lasts a long time and is very moisturising.

What I took away from this experience is that Liz Earle emphasises a fresh natural look with minimum effort. Pinched cheeks, glossed lips and light eyeliner for the perfect day time look. Add a bit more of the previously mentioned and you're ready to go out in the evening. 

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