Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fashion Pakistan Week 2012: Day 1

Warda Saleem - Great collection with fun prints! Love the colours used.

Sonya Battla - I really like the one shoulder suits in this collection, definitely something I would wear. Love the colours, fabrics, and the fact that the outfits are quite unstructured. The fabric flows to create a very elegant look.

Kuki Concept Collection - This collection has a lot of different things going on. Not sure where the inspiration came from but there's quite a few different colours and fabrics. Even the fit of the clothing is different through out; not one of my favourite collections.

Ayesha Hassan - Beautiful fabrics with the Western pieces having an Eastern touch and vice versa. I do wish, however, that designers would stick with one vision rather than going back and forth.

Nargis Hafeez - Love this collection, very royal feel but extremely trendy! There's some gorgeous work that's been done on these items and the gold mixed in with the colours is beautiful!

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