Wednesday, August 22, 2012

India International Jewellery Week 2012 - Day 3

IGI (International Gemological Institute) - Four designers showcased on behalf of IGI on Day 3 of IIJW. Gorgeous jewellery with an emphasis on chokers!

Zeenat Desai - Love how this collection is styled on the models, especially the second picture below. Beautiful collection and definitely has its own style over the other collections.

Cappuccino Collection - Champagne diamonds, pearls and precious stones set in white and yellow gold were created by Jyoti and Manish Shah for the Cappuccino Collection at IIJW 2012. The jewellery is beautiful and perfect for a cocktail party or reception. Love that the models dusted their shoulders off on the runway!

Clothing by Pria Kataria Puri.

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