Saturday, June 9, 2012

Travel Diaries: New York! New York!

One place that I had never visited but had always wanted to go was New York City. I recently was surprised by my amazing hubby and was taken on a week long vacation to this gorgeous city. For those of you who have been to New York before, you know how amazing it is, may not be the best place for a quiet and calm atmosphere, but full of life and definitely a recommendation to visit once in your life!

The trip started with our arrival at the private Upper Class Virgin check-in at Heathrow Airport. Wow! What can I say? We were greeted by a the Virgin Airlines hostess who lead us in to the airport and checked us in. Our luggage was automatically taken from the car and checked in by the baggage handler (who was wearing a very nice suit, I must say!). I've never flown upper-class before so this was enough to excite me! I'm not done yet though, we then went to the gorgeous Virgin Upperclass Lounge where my husband was treated to a complimentary massage and myself to a Bumble & Bumble hair treatment! After being completely spoiled by this, we enjoyed our complimentary breakfast and played a game of pool before heading to our 6 hour flight.

Touch down New York! From here we went from JFK to our hotel and straight to the pub down the road! After meeting up with a friend and a surprise appearance by my youngest brother, we went on to a fun night of Karaoke, Mexican food, and Sangrias! (Pictures of that night are a bit of embarrassing so here's one of the Empire State Building that we walked by).

The next few days went by in a hurry. Lots of sight seeing, shopping, family & friends, and food! Since we were staying in Manhattan on 6th Ave (5 min walk from Times Square), we were lucky to be at the center of it all.

From The Rockefeller Centre, Saturday street market, Bryant Park, Central Park, Soho, and shopping on 5th Ave, what an amazing place! I love New York!

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