Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love me some Lipsy

So here we are, first major snowfall of the year in London, and all I can think about is summer clothing. Cute tops, fab dresses and accessories to match! What's wrong with me? I should be investing my money into a few good woolen sweaters and a heavier jacket, but I see myself pulling my credit card out for some items that I'll wear in four months time. I mean, I think this is normal. Who wouldn't want a cute peplum dress from Lipsy London? Or that Lipsy polka-dot top jumper? And, don't get me started on that leopard print top! And come on, I am Indian. When I see embellishment on clothing my card basically comes out of my purse itself! Am I crazy (or as some people say- 'cray-cray')?

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