Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pop that Thing

One of my favorite trends for this season is colour blocking. I love the pop of brightness that it adds to the day. I strongly believe that the way you dress has a strong effect on how you feel. So why not brighten up your day with some yellow and blue?

Now, for those who are afraid to venture out too far from their primarily black and grey wardrobe (including me!) try adding one element of pop to an outfit, it adds a bit of personality and fun. One of my favorite outfits is a mix of dusty pink with grey (very elegant), and navy and grey (yes, I totally have a thing for the colour grey). Or, if you want to be more subtle, just accessorize with coloured scarves, belts, shoes, and/or jewelry. A yellow scarf and pair of flats looks amazing with a classic black outfit.

If you're bold enough, try mixing colours with colours other than neutrals. One of the strongest colour combos that I've seen is orange and purple. This combo may sound strange, but looks great! Another combo that I've happened to stumble upon is brown and deep purple or yellow. This combo is great for the fall season!

So find which colours look best on you, and pop it!

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