Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ritu Kumar

If you know me, you know that I love Indian designer Ritu Kumar. Not only is she a pioneer of Indian fashion, but she always creates strong collections with equally strong advertising campaigns.

When my interest in the fashion industry was beginning a few years ago, I started researching Indian designers. I have always enjoyed wearing sarees, Punjabi suits, and lenghas, and wear them every chance that I get; I feel more beautiful, feminine, and sexy than in anything else that I have ever worn. It was only natural that my interest in fashion was drawn towards Indian wear. So, here I was on a quest to find amazing Indian fashion designers. After typing in things like ‘Popular Indian designers’ and ‘Indian fashion designers’ into Google, I kept finding designers that were, of course, good at their craft, but no one that had the ‘wow’ factor that I was looking for. I guess more than anything, I was looking for someone that was inspirational, a designer who I would love to work with in the future. Finally, after a long search, I happened to stumble upon Ritu Kumar’s website.

Amazing. From the introductory page, I was in love. Images of Lord Krishna and his gopis flashed across the screen only to have Ritu Kumar’s name slide in front of me. As I went deeper into the site, I fell in love with the clothing. From her everyday wear of trousers, dresses, and jackets, to the event and party wear of suits and saris. Then, oh my gosh, then, I clicked on the bridal wear label-saved the best for last. The first image flashed across the screen of a model holding a gorgeous dupatta (scarf) over her head, henna adorned her hands, and bangles sat neatly on her wrists. Wow, gasp, OMG. Love. I can’t even tell you how long I stared at the images that flashed across the screen (great advertising campaign on her end!). Traditional yet modern is her take on designing; this is probably why I love her designs so much. Ritu Kumar is able to come out year after year with amazing and modern designs, yet still keep a traditional look in her clothing.

Below are a few pictures from her strong advertising campaigns. So amazing, I could stare at these for hours. Well actually, I probably have already!

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