Thursday, April 1, 2010

Major Shoe Crush

Have you ever walked into a store and seen the perfect pair of shoes and immediately fallen head over heels in love?

That’s my current situation. The only problem is that I work with this damn pair of shoes and have to stare at them for eight hours of the day. Well, I only really work once a week , so it’s not too bad. But now, this perfect pair of four inch, zebra print gladiator booties, with peek-a-boo slashes over the top, is haunting me. Why don’t I just buy them, you ask? I mean, other than displaying them on my nightstand beside my bed, so that I can wake up to them and see them before I go to sleep (and then hopefully dream of them), how often will I wear them? But then again, there is that sexy black dress, or those cute indigo jeggings, or possibly even my black bikini during my vacations this summer. Okay, I totally have a shoe crush. Does this happen to anyone else? Do you ever have shoes haunt you after you’ve a left a store?

Speaking of shoes, gladiator booties are so sexy right now. I was styling at a fashion show about a month ago, and this model came in wearing four inch heeled, bright blue booties (she was a TOTAL glamazon). With the booties she wore a black tank top and tights that were slashed all up her legs. It looked so great! I’ve seen booties on girls all sizes and shapes, and really think they can be pulled off by anyone if worn with the right outfit. My favourite outfit is a short black dress, with a pair of really nice booties. I've posted a few pictures below of some great gladiator booties I've found:

PS. I love this whole- make up a new word by adding two together thing

Example. Jean + Legging = Jegging or Glamorous + Amazon = Glamazon or Neha + Zebra print shoe = Nebra (Okay maybe not so much that last one)

N.Y.L.A Culver Bootie (

Camilla Skovgaard Suede Cutout Boots (

Elizabeth and James Luella Heel Gladiator Booties

Givenchy Booties

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  1. I have a shoe crush on all of these!

    Gorgeous selections!