Friday, March 26, 2010

How low can you go?

Ohmygosh! I am so excited! Guess what? Guess, just guess! Give up? Okay, for all the tall ladies out there who don't often where high heels because it adds even more height to their giant-ness (I'm talking about myself here)...LOW HEELS ARE SO IN!! Named one of the top trends in Vogue's Accessory Guide for Spring 2010, low heels are a must have this year. Platform wedges and sky high stilletos? Getting thrown in the closet for now.



I also love these mens style lace-ups

Junya Watana

Yohji Ramamoto

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  1. I have always found myself comfortable in low heels. No matter how much I love high heels, I cannot acrry them well. Also I am aroung 5 ft 8 iunches tall so in real life I cannot carry them off well. :)