Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why black, Aishwarya??

Who would have thought that the one thing to change the way that Indian women viewed the colour black would be from Aishwarya's appearence on Oprah?

In Indian culture, black is symbolic of evil, negativity, anger and darkness- which is a huge reason why many women do not only not wear black but many dark colours. Not only this, but due to India's hot climate- black is very uncomfortable! So when Aishwarya stepped out on the stage in designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee's black sari, it left many people wondering why.

Designers have been trying for decades to phase in darker colours. They are now looking into a new fabric that is used in sports wear and motorcycle wear which is known to keep the wearer a few degrees celsius cooler than any other untreated black fabric. Indian designers are now working to introduce this fabric into the Indian market so that darker colours can be reconsidered.

This may conquer the Indian climate; but, do you think that this new fabric will be able to overcome the perception of the colour black in the Indian society?

Photo Credit: Just Jared

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