Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Fusionista. In love with Western fashion, but can never get enough of Indian trends. Sitting on the internet for hours at an end, searching up the latest designers in India and looking at how they incorporate Indian fabrics and designs into Western apparel. Loving the colours, the fabrics, the designs.

Amazing, beautiful, sexy is how I would describe this industry.

So get addicted.

Lakme Fashion Week 2010

Mixing different fabrications and textures together

It's all in the details...

Fun and Flirty

Anupama Dayal @ Lakme Fashion Week 2010

I love this dress. Watch for the peek-a-boo shoulders with lots of drapery this season. Elegant, but sexy.

Naomi Campbell @ Lakme Fashion Week 2010

Photo Credit: Lakme Fashion Week

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